His Prayer for You

It is our joy to offer to you and your worldwide friends the His Prayer for You broadcast.

       The broadcast recordings are below in  ENGLISH, ARABIC and KOREAN.

                               Each broadcasts is 15 minutes duration.

May His Spirit greatly refresh and uplift you into even greater realms of His loving heart!

His Prayer for You:  English

Hello and welcome!  We know listening to the broadcasts LIVE is not always easy, so we offer these recordings as a love gift to you.                 As you listen, please know we are praying  His abundant heart for you!


His Prayer for You:  Iraqi Arabic

Blessings to  all our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters!  We trust these broadcasts will saturate your hearts with His love!


His Prayer for You:  Korean

We welcome all of our Korean friends to listen and be uplifted.  This broadcast is also released via uncensored short wave.