We wondered how  can you be one with ONE you have never met?

This question kept burning within us. We prayed for His loving strategies.. Now we sow His Prayer into every nation every week, using many different avenues.

We welcome you to pray with us for each listener to receive Jesus and His Oneness

North Korea: Receiving the Gospel

North Korea is one of the most dangerous places to be a believer.  The regime is oppressive, and depravation is a lifestyle.  The government censors communications  via the web, satellite radio and smart phone.  However, most of the people  are locked in the past and have access only to short wave radio.  The miracle of  “turning all to good”  is that short wave radio cannot    be censored.  It is an open door to freely preach the great  gospel of Jesus unhindered!

North Koreans who have fled the country have shared that families gather to listen in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning  to hear news of the outside world.   Many  North Korean defectors have shared it was through short wave radio that they heard of Jesus.  We hear His call to minister to these dear ones, so we go forth. We invite you to go forth with us.  Please pray the lost will find Jesus and the believers will receive great strength.

His Prayer in Every Nation

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