Ciobani's:  Passing The Baton

For the past year, it has been our privilege and joy to serve Andre and Eliana Ciobani of Cedars92 in their  ministry in Beirut.  We have served as a safe place for them to grow, discover and step into their God-given DNA. Through consultation, mentoring, prayer and organizational support, they are now positioned to minister with even greater effectiveness, both spiritually and administratively.   It has been exciting to be a part of Cedars92 arising!

John 17 is thrilled to announce the passing of the baton to their local church, Common Ground! We celebrate that the family of God will now become the sending organization and the primary spiritual overseer for them! John 17 will remain available as needed. My friends, this is oneness: John 17 doing what we do best and the local church doing what it does best! This is "His Prayer" from John chapter 17 in action.

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